Çetin Balkan A.Ş. çelik halat, zincir, sapan, çektirme, gerdirme, paslanmaz, aybolt, mapa, kilit, klemens, kelepçe, polyester sapan, kanca, halkada 1973 yılından beri tek isim.

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About Us


.....Our Company founded by late Ahmet Nadir Çetiner in early 60's in Iskenderun (a southern coastal city in Turkey), having acquired an institutional identity in 1973, adopted its current name as Çetin Balkan A.Ş. This iniciative which began as a small commerce has reached today to a deserved fame of reliability, experience and respect in its sector. With its second generation steering and its efficient team, Çetin Balkan A.Ş., will be advancing in its way, deserving the fame it acquiered through the years.

.....We offer you a complete product range in lifting and loading including, steel wire rope and chain as the principal products. With the purpose of satisfying immediately any need you have, we keep our stocks large. Our products are used in cranes, iron and steel processing, maritime, construction, lifts, fisheries, automotive, mineries, architecture, chair lift and in many other sectors and their products.

.....In order to supply you every type of wire rope slings, we use especially manufactured machines renowned all around the world. Thanks to our wire rope sling press, which has the highest capacity in Turkey, we are capable to manufacture products until the diameter of 56 mm and within the real DIN standards. In addition to that, we can supply quite fast and comfortably your orders of chain slings and the Grade 80 of the brand SIKA imported from Germany which appears in our catalogue.

.....Our target is to offer you the best and the most correct product of our sector. For this purpose we keep on increasing our product quality and widening our range. We care to comply with the Turkish and World standards in manufacturing and in sales service.

.....This new catalogue offers you a wide range of quality products, too. We tried to prepare a more technical catalogue rather than a visual one. We hope that you will find the standards, instructions of use and technical drawings useful. On the other hand, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you should have any inquiries or commentaries.

.....We'll keep on being worth of your confidence.




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